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A Privacy-Preserving Multi-Keyword Similarity Search Scheme with Integrity over Encrypted Cloud Data

R.K. Chitra, K.S. Sreeji


Cloud computing enables the data owner to store their data remotely in cloud and to enjoy the on-demand access with high quality application and share the services from a pool with configurable computing resources. This paper solves the problem for searching data from cloud and implement the framework for supporting efficient ranked keyword search for utilize the data in encrypted cloud resources. Privacy-preserving Multi-keyword Similarity Search (PMSS) framework is proposed using Cipher Text policy encryption algorithm and K-Nearest Neighbor classification technique. Using Cipher Text policy-Attribute Based Encryption (CP-ABE) algorithm to encrypt the cloud data and calculate the similarity computation to construct the index table and ranked based term frequency. KNN classification technique can be to retrieve the data from cloud in reduced response time in secure manner. The user accesses the documents through the access control mechanism which provides restricted permission to authorized users and overcome the user revocation problem.


Multi-Keyword Search, Indexing, Access Policy, Similarity Measure.

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