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Impact of Cultural Diversity on Women Employee in Selected IT Companies in Chennai City

R . Saranya, S. Muthumani


This empirical research paper deals with study of the cultural diversity in workplace of women employee working in the selected IT industries in Chennai city. Cultural diversity has a major impact on technical professionals since they have to interact more with people of different culture. This study aims to focus on the various cultures existing in selected IT industries in Chennai city and its impact on women employees. To measure the impact of cultural diversity on women employees working in IT sector a set of questionnaire were farmed. The data were collected by using convenience sampling from 90 women employees working in the different parts of the Chennai City. Using the SPSS, some of the relevant tests were carried out like reliability test, ANOVA and regression. Based on the analysis made, various findings were derived that will be useful, relevant and significant to find the impact of cultural diversity on women employees working in the selected IT companies in Chennai city.


Cultural Diversity, It Companies, Organizational Culture, Women Employees

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