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Slow Learners and Teacher Effectiveness in a Mixed Ability Class

S. Padma Ragam


“Learning is a continuous process from cradle to grave” Every student has his own style of learning. Some student’s way of learning and ability will be entirely different compared to other students. If we watch them closely, we can find some abnormality in them due to various reasons. The slow learners also look like normal students but they will have some abnormality compared to normal students. They are normal students but they take more time to learn .Such students won’t show much interest in studies .If they are forced to learn, they will be evasive and all the efforts of the teacher will be in vain since they don’t know the importance of studies. They need special care by experienced and trained teachers. Teaching such students will be a very challenging task. We can give them hope by giving extra care. This paper encounters the reasons of slow learning and suggests some of the tips to help the slow learners


Overcrowded class, Lack of self-confidence

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