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Network and Web Optimization Techniques Using Quantum Inspired Particle Swarm Intelligence

P.N. Nesarajan, Dr.M. Venkatachalam, T. Ranganayaki


Web Caching is a widely used technique to save bandwidth, to reduce server workload and to improve user response time, i.e., it improves the performance of web architectures. Web caching is a well-known approach for enhancing the performance of web based system by keeping web objects that are likely to be used in the near future in location closer to user. The web caching mechanisms are implemented at three levels: client level, proxy level and original server level. Significantly, proxy servers play the key roles between users and web sites in lessening of the response time of user requests and saving of network bandwidth. Therefore, for achieving better response time, an efficient caching approach should be built in a proxy server. This paper presents a new variant of Basic Particle Swarm Optimization (BPSO) algorithm named QI-PSO for improving the performance. The QI-PSO algorithm makes use of a multi-parent, quadratic crossover/reproduction operator defined in the BPSO algorithm. The proposed algorithm is compared it with BPSO and the experimental results show that QIPSO outperforms the BPSO algorithm.


Web Caching, Web Optimization Techniques, Basic Particle Swarm Optimization, QI Particle Swarm Optimization

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