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J2EE Security Management with Deployment Descriptor

Pallavi B. Vyas, Sakshi Chadha, Ashish Vyas


Multiple techniques are behind making any web application. Developers while creating web application undergo numerous developing stages. J2EE architecture is complicated for beginners. This paper explores the working of web applications running on web server and its architecture. J2EE architecture is made up of web server and container. Paper also explains different container on different layers of J2EE architecture. Basically, it gives the exposure about the interaction of J2EE application with J2EE container. This interaction is achieved through deployment descriptor an xml file. This xml file is called deployment descriptor or web.xml file having all servlet’s mapping. This servlet mapping is actually an address of a servlet in web.xml tag for running web application. Security is another very cardinal aspect of web application thereby code helps in making secure web application are defined. Deployment Descriptor plays a vital role in various Security Challenges (form based authentication). This paper helps in unveiling the secret of J2EE security management with an xml file.


J2EE, Web XML, Deployment Descriptor, Security

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