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An Adaptive Job Scheduling Methodologies with Fault Tolerance Strategy for Computational Grid Environment

S. Gokul Dev, R. Sujith, V.S. Amirutha


Grid computing is an enormous technology which has the potential to solve large scale scientific problems in an integrated heterogeneous environment. However, in the grid computing environment there are certain aspects which reduce efficiency of the system, job scheduling of the resources and fault tolerance are the key aspect to improve the efficiency and exploit the capabilities of emergent computational systems. Because of dynamic and distributed nature of grid, the traditional methodologies of scheduling are in efficient for the effective utilization of the resource available. The fault tolerance strategy proposed will improve the performance of the overall computational grid environment. In this paper we propose an efficient job scheduling algorithm to improve the efficiency of the grid environment. The simulation results illustrate that the proposed strategy effectively schedules the grid jobs and reduce the execution time.


Grid Computing, Job Scheduling, Fault Tolerance, Resource Management, Checkpoint Replication, Ejsa, Mttr

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