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A Critical Survey on Agile Methodology

Saif Khan, B. G. Deepa


Agile methodology uses an iterative and incremental development prototyping that are widely used in various Industries. Agile methodology is gaining more popularity and attention in software engineering research communities. Methodology is well introduced in 2000 that are adopted by software development industries in the last 18 years many researchers have been conducted on agile methodologies a large number of methods have been introduced and number of researches has also been presented by many authors. In this paper that different agile methodologies which has been introduced from the 2000 till 2017 we are going to have a clear picture of every agile methodologies used. Beside the benefits of the Agile, criticism on agile methodology states that it fails to listen to beaux arts and style problems and so is absolute to turn out tiny design-decisions. Here, during this paper we tend to determine the impacts that agile methodology has on Software development processes with relevancy quality among the structure, methodical, and cultural frameworks.


Survey, Manifesto, Agile, Methodology, Scrum, Crystal Method, Feature Driven Development, Extreme Programming,

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How to implement agile methodologies


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