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Code Coverage for Dynamic Memory Management & Garbage Collection in Share Market Domain

V. Balaji Vara Prasad, R. Pinaka Pani


The concept Code coverage is widely used to define problems development of a software and maintenance phase. The Software makes changes in all the stages of development of software process and maintenance life cycle. Subsequently the versions of software program are newly created. Code coverage is needed for those programs for binding the information. It helps in selecting the same kind of information of data belongs to the same module. During development researchers are focused along with several dimensions, modern CPU and memory hierarchy utilization, time/space efficiency, parallelism, and concurrency control. At present survey represents, aim to provide a thorough review of a wide range in memory data management and it processed proposals and systems, including the both data storage systems and data processing frameworks. The code coverage will figure out the common fields which are involved in various activate of the share market and single building environment will be provided in module compilation.


Code Coverage, Dynamic Memory Management, Garbage Collection, Share Market

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