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An Application of Software based Fruit Sorting Machine for Fruit Diseases Classification

A. Chabi-Olaye, Fred A. Gray, Edwin Carlinet


The development of agriculture is essential and should be propositional to the population to fulfil the demand. Also, India is one of a major country that exports many agriculture products so it is important that the quality of agricultural commodities must be sustained until it reaches to the end user. The government of India has launched many fruitful and beneficiary schemes to enhance the economic condition of farmers, but due to unawareness, only a few are able to take advantage of such scheme and able to employ this scheme for smart farming. Apple fruit is the most common fruit tree in the home garden with a suitable environment. The quality of the fruit is measured by the health of the tree which yields the fruit. Though Apple ever wanes fruit despite the season, it is highly porn to diseases that are spread through either fungi or bacteria. This paper covers the survey of many papers closely related to computer vision in the agricultural field. The evaluation found that computer vision plays an important role and has a large potential to address the challenges related to the agricultural fields.


Image Processing, Segmentation, Sensitivity, Specificity.

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