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An Algorithmic Approach for Deadlock Detection and Recovery in Inter Organizational Cooperative Workflows

P. Jiju, Amith Hariharan, Prashobh Balakrishnan, K. Vijith, Manas Kumar Singh, Vivek R Nath


This paper aims at designing a conceptual model for inter organizational cooperative workflows based on Bonita workflow model. Even though many workflow models have been proposed in the literature, Most of the models lack a sound deadlock detection and recovery mechanism. In virtual enterprise scenario where parallel activities from various participating organizations collaboratively work on accomplishing a common goal, there is often a chance for occurrence of dead lock. In this context, an algorithm for detecting possible deadlocks and recovering from it is designed in this paper. This paper also details the various modifications done to the Bonita work flow model so as to incorporate the newly designed algorithm.


Workflow Model, Cooperative Workflow, Inter-Organizational Workflows, Deadlock, Bonita.

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