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Sustainable Green Supply Chain Management

T. Suganthalakshmi


In the next few years we will be hearing more about Supply Chain Sustainability or the Green Sustainable Supply Chain. A Green Sustainable Supply Chain can be defined as "the process of using environmentally friendly inputs and transforming these inputs through change agents - whose byproducts can improve or be recycled within the existing environment. This process develops outputs that can be reclaimed and re-used at the end of their life-cycle thus, creating a sustainable supply chain." The whole idea of a sustainable supply chain is to reduce costs while helping the environment. Nowadays the Companies also started looking at the usage costs with a piece of equipment (i.e. what are my cost per copy when using a copier). In "sustainable" world the thinking should be what is the life cycle costs of this part, piece of equipment or supply chain process. In this paper we will be seeing about the best practices for green supply chain management, and strategies to create awareness about green supply chain among students, and a case study on implementing green supply chain, sustainable green supply chain and the steps in developing sustainable green supply chain.


Disposal Process, Sustainable, Transformation, Refining Efficiency.

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