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Effect of Parental Motivation on Academic Achievement of Teenagers

Dr. Rachana Pandey, Shrawan Pandey


The aim of this paper is to provide parents and researchers with a conceptual framework for understanding the role of parents in child motivation and their versatile development in this booming age of information technology and scientific advancement. Parental guidance is essential need at the age of adolescence because they are going towards maturity, so they want freedom from any control which may include parents and family bondage. This paper will be useful for academicians ,researchers, parents, teachers, educationists and home scientist to study about the parent-teenagers interactions and other problems faced by parents or teenagers and what should be the active steps to be taken to cope up with these problems. In this paper, tool develops by Dr. Kusum Agrawal, descriptive type research, survey method, Mean, SD, T test is used. Parental motivation and academic achievement are the independent variable and dependable variable respectively.


Motivation, Parental Guidance, Academic Achievement, Adolescence, Development.

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