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A Study on Yarn Quality Evaluation Software's and its Parameters

M. Lukoševičius, H. Jaeger


Short Fibre Index (SFI) indicates the measure of indication for cotton where the percentage is less than 127mm. Raw material with greater SFC is sub-par because it causes elevated percentage of waste all the while and yarn made from this cotton will have low quality, more unevenness and high brittleness. Studies conducted for separate tally and material shows that SFI has a good link with Hair Severity. Yarn Count is the numerical measure of its fineness or coarseness. It categorizes the texture of the hair depending on thickness or thinness. While developing stable fibre yarns, the twist is introduced in the strand of fibres for holding the fibres together and provide the required characteristics to the twisted yarns. The twists support the strands of fibres from breaking down. Depending on the level of the twist, the yarn properties get modified. In this paper, yarn quality evaluation software are studied and compared with its limitations.


Quality Checking, Yarn Count Rate, Twist and Thread Count.

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