Vol 8, No 6 (2016)

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A Survey on Attempts to Enhance Requirements Engineering Process PDF
Hadeel E.Elsherbeiny, A. A. Abd El-Aziz, Nagy Ramadan 135-139
A Framework for Spam Filtering Security Evaluation PDF
Kunjali Pawar, Madhuri Patil 140-144
Secured File Sharing in Cloud Computing PDF
M. Deepak, C. Mathan Kumar, D. Suganya 145-147
Security Analysis on Privacy Data Encryption in Many Order Using Magic Number PDF
S. Srilekha 148-150
Black Money Check: Integration of Big Data & Cloud Computing To Detect Black Money Rotation with Range-Aggregate Queries PDF
B. Ashwini, N. Saranya, Sindhuja Sindhuja 151-152
Estimating Soldiers War Field Locations Leveraging Large Scale Crowd Sourced Smart Phone Data Using Ibeacon PDF
M. Jenath, G.R. Priyadharshini, R. Nafsin 153-155
Automatic Summarization of Bug Reports PDF
T. Sathiya Prakash, M. Vignesh Raj, S. Sree Kumar 156-159
Dynamic Cloud Allocation by Managing Web Services and by Implementing Portfolio Thinking and Design Diversity PDF
A. S. Athish, M. Malathi 160-162
Adaptive Learning with Intelligent System using Reinforcement PDF
J. Sowmya 163-164
Eye (Everything You Do is Examined) - A e-Governance Initiative PDF
M. Balashankar, S. Bharathchandran, V. Muruganantham, V. Bakkiyaraj, M. Chairmaprabhu 165-166

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