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Reliable Data Reduction Approaches in WSNs: Greenhouse Plant Disease Detection as a Case Study

Mohamed O. Abdel-Aal, Rabie A. Ramadan, Ahmed A. S. Dessouki, Mohamed Z. Abdel-Meguid


Wireless Sensor Networks have been used in many
applications including critical applications such as battle field and
health care application. It is also used in many other important
applications such as in agriculture. However, such applications require
special sensor treatment. Sensors need to be deployed in harsh
environment and need to stay alive for long time that could be years
not days. In this paper, we propose to utilize wireless sensor networks
for greenhouse monitoring against the plant diseases. A multimodal
wireless sensor network is used for such purpose. Two different
approaches are also proposed for saving the WSN energy including
two of the prediction techniques and fuzzy logic controller. In
addition, we implemented these approaches in a greenhouse
application for plant disease detection. Extensive experiments are
conducted to test the performance of the proposed agents.


Wireless Sensor Network, Data Reduction Technique, Reliability, Multimodal WSN, Fuzzy Logic Controller, WSN Prototype, and Exponential Smoothing Approach.

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