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A Survey on Clustering Algorithms and Methods in Wireless Sensor Network

Lydia Antony, Dr. P. Beaulah Soundrabai


Wireless sensor network is becoming a very interesting concept of technology development. Lot of research and ideas are put forward in order to come up with an energy efficient and effective ways to develop a wireless sensor network. The nodes transfer the data to the cluster heads which is again transferred to the destination i.e. the base station. Due to effective data transmission, various clustering methods are followed. The main aim of this paper is to compare and analyze various clustering algorithms and the clustering methods carried out in wireless sensor network. With effective clustering methods, an efficient data transmission can be possible with minimum energy requirement and hence would lead to extend the network lifetime. The energy factor, network lifetime and cluster head selection is addressed. The main criteria for a successful data transmission between the nodes are the power consumption, localization of the nodes, routing capabilities and deployment techniques.


Data Gathering, Distribution of Nodes, Lifetime of a Sensor Network with Limited Energy Consumption, Comparison of EEACD, Novel Adaptive and Modified Heed Algorithm

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