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Mobile Computing and its Applications

J. Usha, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Dr. A. D. Shaligram


Mobile communications has enabled people to communicate using new and innovative methods. There is no restriction of place and people are able to connect with others both privately and for business needs. This has brought unprecedented choice and freedom. Mobile technologies have in a mere decade surpassed the number of users that it has taken more than a century to reach as this is the most cost effective form of communication. Recent advances in mobile network technologies have brought about a significant increase in available bandwidth, thus paving way for the transition from voice only mobile services to web based content services. These new services will broaden the communication modes from one-on-one to one on many and many on many. With the subscriber base increasing, mobility will be a key parameter for all communications. Today, with the convergence of communication,mobility, Internet and information technology, Multimedia mobile communications has emerged as a forerunner.This paper investigates Mobile Computing, its history, uses,constraints, technology, problems, research challenges and approaches to solutions in the design of mobile computing. This also discusses the research work done in respect of the problem,applications of mobile computing, its merits and demerits.


Mobile computing, mobility, Pervasive computing, Ubiquitous computing.

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