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Reliability Analysis for General Packet Radio Service with Quality of Service Support

P. Calduwel Newton, Dr. L. Arockiam


Many of today’s applications have not been designed to be used in mobile environments. In order to build mobility in these applications there is a need to compromise in higher delay, higher error rate, and lower bandwidth. The customers not only need mobility but also quality. It is a great challenge for the service providers to offer Quality of Service (QoS). The QoS parameters are divided into two categories such as Qualitative QoS parameters (reliability,security,manageability, etc.) and Quantitative QoS parameters (bandwidth,delay, jitter, etc). The requirements of the above parameters will vary from one application to another application. In this paper, we would like to propose a QoS technique to store the actual QoS requirements of data transfer and to evaluate the performance of data transfer with respect to reliability. Certainly, the outcome of this paper will help to compare the expected QoS requirements with the actual QoS requirements, to understand performance degradation and to identify the parameters responsible for reliability problem.


Binary Attribute, Mobility, Performance, Quality of Service, Reliability, Quality of end-user Experience (QoE), GPRS, Best-effort service, Network Parameter, Mobile Network.

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