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Prosperity, Risks and Challenges in Cloud Computing

Ajay Jangra, Bhumica Verma, Amit Chaudhary


Cloud Computing is a recent inclination in IT that shift the computer handling, storage and delivery of software away from desktops and laptops into large data centers which results in adding another layer of separation in information processing. Apart from this, the magnificence of cloud computing to make these services accessible everywhere, designated cloud as cordial all the way along and dynamically allocate, install, uninstall and canceling the cloud services makes cloud computing one of the hot research topic. With each momentary day, cloud is working sincerely to reach its goal when “computing power” is provided on the utility basis such as water and electricity for the user. In this paper, we discuss the concept of “cloud” computing, reason for its evolution, address its various issues, and try to understand the difference between various computing. This paper also highlights the friendly nature of cloud along its various assets meanwhile removing all its convolutions of demerits and finally focusing on security factors for cloud based on the architecture and concludes by pinpointing the areas that researchers may examine in future


Cloud Computing, Cluster Computing, Grid Computing, Pervasive Computing, Distributed Systems.

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