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Multiband Microstrip Patch Antenna for 5G Wireless Applications using MIMO Techniques

P. Mohana Sunthari, R. Veeramani


A Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) 4-antenna linear array operating at 28 GHz, 37GHz, 41 GHz and 74 GHz bands for 5G mobile communication is presented. The antenna is designed based on the resonant cavity model and the dominant mode of (0, 1,1) which has maximum field distribution TE011 which has maximum field distribution TE011 at the edge of the patch. Multiband operation is achieved by introducing slits and slot on the patch were the magnetic field is maximum when the patch is considered as resonant cavity. The antenna is fed by Microstrip Transmission line and impedance matching between patch and feed line is achieved through inset feed techniques.  The 4-antennas are placed based on the spatial diversity in the spacing of λ/2. The MIMO-antenna system is designed and simulated using Ansoft HFSS and the multiple antennas are resonating at designed frequency bands.


Multiple Input Multiple Output, Fifth Generation, HFSS, TE011, Slot, Slit, Multiband, Federal Communication Commission, VSWR, Radiation Pattern, S11.

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