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Simulative Study on the Effects of Different Parameters in Polarization Interleaved 128 User Is-OWC System

Harjasleen Kaur, Harmandar Kaur


In this paper, the simulative study of varying different parameters on polarization interleaved 128 users DWDM system has been studied for Inter-satellite-Optical Wireless Communication. Is-OWC is a method to link two satellites revolving in space together by utilizing optical signals. Phase modulation DQPSK has been incorporated with DWDM systems. Polarization interleaving helps to reduce inter-channel interference between channels of DWDM system. It has also been incorporated in the proposed system. The effects of varying propagation delay, antenna aperture diameters, Optic efficiencies of transmitter and receiver ends has been studied here. Performance parameters like Q, BER and SNR have been considered for analysis of proposed system.


DWDM, Is-OWC, DQPSK, Polarization Interleaving.

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