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Discussions of Various Kinds of Threats and Impact of Network Security with the Current Context

Allahverdi Azadrou


Delivering the protection to the network might be considered as significant process carried out for securing employability along with reliability pertaining to network in addition with information. Network security encompassed providing the protection to inclusive of entire group of resources inclusive of both hardware and software. Competent procedure handles authentication mechanism for utilizing network resources. Development procedure considered various kinds of attacks along with preventing them from getting access of network along with distribution of malware within the network. Incorporation of many stages performing the process of protection with respect to network observed. . Every stage employed instruction along with regulating mechanisms.  Approved clients might get the chance to utilize resources belonging with the network. On the other hand dangerous impostors were prevented the entry for performing the malevolent activities along with stealing the information content or affecting the information so that genuine users cannot use it for further. The process of upgrading the protection mechanism with respect to variety of attacks that is currently existing, since intruders might find a way to breach the network security by means of variety of attacks. This paper establishes the detailed analysis of various kinds of attacks that might be possible along with delivery of suitable way for finding the intruder in addition with taking a preventive step which might stop the stealing of information or degradation of system performance caused by the intruder.


Intruder, Network Security, Network Layer, Attacks, Prevention, Detection.

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