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Performance Enhancement of ZRP Using Uniform BER Factor in MANETs

Ajay Jangra, Manisha .


Wireless Ad-Hoc networks are usually defined as an autonomous system of nodes connected by wireless links and communicating in a multi-hop fashion. The benefits of ad-hoc networks are many, but the most important one is their ease of deployment without centralized administration or fixed infrastructure, thereby enabling an inexpensive way to achieve the goal of ubiquitous communications. Ad hoc network uses different types of protocols like reactive protocols and proactive protocols. It can also use the combination of these two types, called hybrid protocol. Hybrid protocol uses limited scope proactive approach to maintain routes towards a surrounding zone and reactive approach to communicate with farther destinations. In this paper, the concept Bit Error Ratio (BER) factor is introduced to improve the performance of hybrid protocol.


Wireless Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, QoS, MANET, Hybrid, Reactive, Proactive

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