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Fuzzy based Implementation Resource Allocation in Cognitive Radio Networks for Secondary Users

B. Senthilkumar, Dr. S.K. Srivatsa


The efficient use of Available licensed spectrum is becoming more and more critical with increasing demand and usage of the radio spectrum. In practice, the spectrum allocated to licensed primary users is not utilized properly. The secondary unlicensed users can sense and utilize the unutilized spectrum. In this paper we propose new method for fuzzy logic control which enables cognitive secondary user to achieve its required rate of transmission and quality, at the same time minimizing interference to the primary users and other concurrent secondary users. In this work Fuzzy logic based system is proposed where the secondary users can opportunistically use the spectrum. Existing Fast barrier method users’ iterative Numerical method based Resource Allocation. To reduce the delay and complexity Fuzzy Based approach is proposed. So that fast optimal Resource Allocation is possible.


Cognitive Radio Networks, Fuzzy Logic System, Spectrum Utilization.

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