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A Review on Distributed Network Virtualized Resources Allocation in Cloud Computing

Naixue Xiong, Yuezhi Zhou


The rapid growth of traffic demand and application proliferation creates irresistible challenges for traditional wireless networks to ensure the Quality of Service (QoS) and quality of experience of subscribers. Over the course of past three decades, the Internet architecture has proven its worth by supporting multitude of distributed applications and a wide variety of network technologies over which it currently runs. However, its popularity has become the biggest impediment to its further growth. Due to its multi-provider nature, adopting a new architecture or modification of the existing one requires consensus among competing stakeholders. Our work has demonstrated the compelling benefits of the Cloud which is capable of handling sudden load surges, and delivering IT resources on-demands to users in a better and cheaper way.  The automated provisioning, dynamic allocation and rapid scaling capabilities of the Cloud are the essential elements in providing higher resource utilization, thus reducing infrastructure and management costs.


Cloud Service Management, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

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