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Performance of Multicast Protocols: IODMRP and AAMRP

Tanvir Kahlon, Reena Bhatti


Many network applications require transmitting the data packets concurrently to many destinations which is called multicasting. Wired and infrastructure-based wireless networks are supported by many multicast routing protocols. Ad hoc wireless networks composed of self-organized mobile nodes that can move arbitrarily without any preexisting communication infrastructure base stations. It causes producing dynamic and unpredictable network topology. Many proposals are introduced trying to solve multicast supporting problem in MANETs. Each new protocol has its own advantages and disadvantages. This paper focuses on the comparison between the two Multicast Routing Protocols AAMRP (Ant Based Multicast Routing Protocol) and IODMRP (Improved on Demand Routing Protocol). Network Simulator is used for simulation and the results show that IODMRP is a better protocol than AAMRP when we change the Group Size.


Multicast, Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks (MANETS), AAMRP, IODMRP, ODMRP

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