Vol 4, No 8 (2012)

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Reducing Connection Disruption Time during WiMAX Handover PDF
P.P. Edwin Winston, Dr.K.S. Shaji 401-404
Co-Channel & Adjacent Channel Interference Blocking Performance in 2.4 GHz Band PDF
N. Prabakaran, K.S. Shaji 405-408
Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network PDF
Rashmi V. Bhagwat, Vijay B. Baru 409-413
Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio-An Attempt PDF
M. Hemalatha, Jayashree Kannan, R. Ishwarya, Dr.V. Prithviraj 414-417
Saving Energy in Mobile Devices with WLAN and Bluetooth Interfaces using Cooperative Clustering Network PDF
B. RasinaBegum, R. Karthikeyan 418-422
Enhancing the Bandwidth Efficiency for Single-Hop Wireless Multicast/Broadcast Services PDF
J. Praveenkumar, M. Shankar, U. Samson Ebenezar 423-426
Energy Efficient Cooperative Framework for Wireless Sensor Network PDF
G. Jemilda, M. Rathi Matilda, M. Merin Saroj Selvia, V. Preethi 427-431
Enhancing Cluster Head Election Scheme through Load Balancing for Improving Stability in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
S. Aruna, A. Subramani1 432-436
IAR: Bio Inspired Intelligent Ant Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad-hoc Networks PDF
J. SujiPriya, R. Shanthy, T. Padma 437-441
A Multihop Relaying Method for Multimedia Transmission in Mobile Phones using Dynamic Time Slot Partitioning Algorithm PDF
Charanya S. Rammesh, L. Rekha Parvathy, R. Chandhini, U. Shabana Banu 442-445
Optimal Stochastic Location Updates Using Dream in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks PDF
M. Karthika, S. Sumeetha 446-449
QoS Based Performance Metric Comparison and Analysis of Ad hoc Routing Protocols in MANETs PDF
A. Vanitha, S. Aruna, Dr.A. Subramani 450-454
A Proposed Constant Amplitude Modulator in OFDM Systems PDF
W .Saad, N. El-Fishawy, S. El-Rabaie, M. Shokair 455-465

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