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The Relevance of Mass Customization

P. Atmaram, Dr.G. Mohankumar


Consumers are increasingly demanding customized goods and services in order to meet their individual needs. Companies are responding to this development by offering mass customized products, as the needs of modern customers are often not met by mass produced goods. Mass customization aims to combine the provision of customized products and services on a mass scale with operational performance similar to mass production systems. This implies rapid response to customer requests while maintaining high levels of efficiency and productivity. This work will refer to companies applying the mass customization concept which gives us an indication of the relevance of mass customization. This paper represents an exploratory study, conducted to find out the relevance of mass customization by employing case studies. The objective of this study is to examine the relevance of Mass customization at this era of global competition. The methodology applied for this work is case study research.


Mass Customization, Mass Production, Mass Customizers, Postponement

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