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REPM: A Versatile Strategy for Performance Management in Organizations (Undertaken by CSIR, New Delhi)

S. Aruna, C. Subramanian


In large organizations, one of the most critical tasks is assessing the performance of the employees. This has to be carried out with more accuracy and equitability as it forms the basis for the organizational progress. First of all, we should clearly determine what should be actually measured. In most of the cases, the performance appraisal reports are biased due to much human intervention in the appraisal process and lack of substantiation for the work done by each individual. Moreover, at present all these activities are carried out manually as paper work. This results in the wastage of enormous manpower, time and organizational resources. Here we propose a novel approach entitled “Robotic Evidence based Performance Management” for managing employee performance in large organizations. REPM focuses on automating all the activities that are essential to evaluate the performance of employees. The objective is to reduce bias and increase objectivity in performance assessments, support of evidences is very critical. Evidence based performances aim to improve organizational effectiveness by developing and utilizing a more rigorous base of information and scientific evidence to guide decisions about program design, implementation, and management. This process helps the employees to clearly understand their Key Roles & responsibilities and the necessary activities. The Superior Officer allots work to his sub-ordinates through a work allocation message. The sub-ordinate acknowledges the message, completes the work and updates the status. Then the Superior office reviews the quality of the work and rates the employee’s performance. A record is maintained for keeping track of the employee’s day to day work progress. Based on the records and after concluding a three stratum review, the Accepting Authority rates the employee’s performance. In addition to that, he may also suggest training programmes for the employee for further improvement in specific areas. These ratings reflect the overall performance of the employee. This work is being carried out under the guidance of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi.


Performance Monitoring, Robotic Performance Management, Evidence Based Performance Appraisal

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