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Optimal Battery Charging and Solar Tracking System for Robots

S. Ramalingam, S. Siddarthan, R. Srinivasan, V. Prabakaran


A solar tracking system for renewable energy is designed and built to collect free energy from the sun .Store it in the battery, and convert this energy to alternating current (AC). The system is tested for real-time responsiveness, reliability, stability, and safety. To fabricate a DC motor control interfaced with remote controller. To construct a model prototype solar cell movement systems with a mechanical assemble to move the panel from one direction to another. To design an electronic circuit to sense the intensity of light and to control DC motor driver for the panel movement. The additional feature of this project is the optimal battery charging. Optimum battery charging is a process of preventing the battery overcharging. It increases the life of the battery. Land Rovers are usually powered by using rechargeable batteries. By using a microcontroller, the battery voltage can be monitored. It helps us to disconnect the charging circuit when the battery is full and connect it when the battery is low beyond the threshold voltage. In order to charge the battery with less effort, solar charging can be employed. Solar Panels can be employed on the top of the rover. For improving the efficiency solar tracking can be used. The light sensors employed on the robot finds the direction of highest light intensity. The positioning system relocates the solar panel to capture the solar energy. The robot uses gear motors for navigation. The robot can be controlled by using a wireless remote controller.

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