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Remote Controlled Metal Detecting Robot

M. Madhumalini, G. Nandhini, V. Amuthaveni, M. Dhivyamanohari


Path Finder was sent to Mars in 1998. This was achievement a great which detected the secrets of “Mars”. This project deals with RF controlled robot.The robot is controlled by a RF remote. Robot can be moved forward and reverse direction by selecting appropriate keys in the remote section. Also the robot can take sharp turnings towards left and right directions. The robot consists of a controller which processes the received information. A metal detecting sensor is used to detect the metal. Simultaneously the images around the robot will be transmitted to remote place. User can monitor the images and metal detection alarms on Television.The transmitter section uses 9V battery. The receiver section uses 12V lead acid battery. The robot is used to detect the mines and surveillance application.


HT12E, HT12D, Atmega16, Metal Detector, H-Bridge.

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