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Multisource Digitally Controlled Incubator

R. Vivek, M. Prasobh, T. Aiswarya, S. Anita Justina, S. Ruby


The unbundling of the conventional electric power
system in a liberalized and globalized environment had resulted in more and more advanced and automatic systems in poultry field. This paper includes recommended procedures for successful hatching in which incubator involves the automatic control and manipulation of a large number of factors and in certain circumstances different procedures may be necessary. The incubator is designed in such a way that the user can vary the incubator capacity to suit a wide range of production rate. The „Multisource Digitally Operated Incubator „is available with the option of the Advance Humidity Sensor for automatic humidity sensing and control. This system will give best results in a room free from wide temperature variation and with generous ventilation. Temperature and relative humidity are continuously displayed. By measuring actual average weights every few days the actual weight loss can be plotted and compared to the ideal weight loss line and corrections can be made.


Humidity Sensor, Incubator, Relative Humidity.

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