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Enhanced Image Secret Sharing Through Video Using Two Decoding Option

S. Lakshmi Narayanan, Dr.K. Sankaranarayanan, K. Priya, A. Priyanka, B. Priyanka


VCS is one of the recent emerging areas in image secret sharing, where one can easily encrypt and share the image in secure way and which can be decrypted through the human visual system without computation. In this project, this scheme is implemented for hiding image in a video stream using two in one image secret sharing scheme (TiOISSS) with two decoding options. It is based on Visual Cryptography Scheme (VCS) and Polynomial based image secret sharing scheme (PISSS) known as Newton‟s raphson method and comparing the same with already existing Lagrange‟s interpolation method. This comparison is made to show the reduction in file size of shadow image for faster transmission within a distributed multimedia system.


Secret Sharing, Visual Cryptography Scheme (VCS), Polynomial-based Image Secret Sharing Scheme (PISSS) – Lagrange‟s Interpolation and Newton-Raphson‟s Method.

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