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Advanced Home Automation System

D. A. Itole, Chirag J. Chauhan, Tanmay S. Karande, Abhay A. Mane


This paper proposes a system designed using the present technology that will be advantageous to our lives and is a very big contribution to the society. This paper explains the implementation along with design of not only a low cost system but also an efficient, secure and flexible home automation system. Wi-Fi technology is very simple to implement and is much more advanced. A smartphone based application will be used to control the home appliances using its WiFi. This controlling action is done using ARM cortex processor and the driver circuitry, which is used to drive various appliances. This paper offers a fresh new approach to control home appliances. The major objective of the system is to serve a handy and secure home automation system to the user, which would foster high degree of mobility.



ARM CORTEX M4, HLK RM04 Wi-Fi Module, Android Mobile Phone, Android Application

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