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Smart Street Light System

Kalyan Raja, L.B. Krithika


Smart street light system is not only the one of the easiest but also one of the most efficient technique, in terms of power as well as monetary savings. Relays are used for automatic switching of the system. This releases the manual work to almost 90%. As soon as sunlight goes out of the visible region of our eyes this system automatically switches on the light based on if there is any object nearby. LDR (Light Dependent resistor) is a type of sensor which actually does this work and senses the light as our eyes does. As soon as sunlight comes, visible to our eyes it automatically switches OFF lights.  Ultrasonic sensor are used for object detection. As soon as an object comes into the range of ultrasonic sensor the lights will be turned ON automatically. And so it can be also used for regulating traffic signals and also can be used for alarming if any accident has occurred. If the object stays in the range of ultrasonic sensor for more than particular time then it sends the flag signal to server regarding it and based on the flag the server instruct to regulate traffic signals or alarming the officials about the misshaping in highways .

This type of the system is very much useful for reducing power consumption and using it for other purposes.


Street Light System, LDR, Ultrasonic Sensor, Relays, Ethernet Shield.

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