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Leakage Detection Using Plumbot

Devendra A. Itole, Amit Chavan, Soumya kengnalkar, Suraj Sutar


Wastage of water must be prevented in some of the areas in the world. As there is shortage of drinking water, it is needed to take some steps towards its prevention. Here we have discussed the wastage in leaked pipeline. The wastage of water from in underground pipes is mainly due to the cracks in the pipes. If these cracks are detected then leakage can be easily eliminated. If the pipes are checked before they are installed, we can eliminate the wastage. In this project, we have tried to solve this problem by using ‘Leakage detection using plumbot’. Here we have checked leakages in the pipes prior to installation. Where the images are going to be processed with the help image processing so that we can get the exact crack position. The problem of underground water leakages in the pipes will be solved so laterally there is no need of   digging up the entire roadways and at a lower cost can be solved by using “plumbot”. This will also help in reducing traffic issues by not repeating installation of the pipes; also time & man power can be saved.


Leakage, Plumbot, Control Room, Screw, Supporting Shaft, Gripper.

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