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Real Time Automation of Greenhouse Monitoring and Irrigation System Using MODBUS

K. Shashi Raj, D.K. Nayana, Dr.S. S. Manvi, K. Vivek Raj


From the viewpoint of modern control theory, soil-plant-water is concerned with a complicated system. Thus, precision irrigation needs all kinds of advanced techniques to archive high efficiency of water resource. This paper presents an irrigation system, which includes moisture sensor, temperature sensor, light sensor, modbus protocol, RS-485 bus, remote control and distributed control. In particular, authors developed the complete irrigation system, including soil moisture sensor. Hardware and software architecture of embedded web servers is analysed and the experimental results of monitoring and control of laboratory greenhouse is presented. The system also timely updates the conditions of the plants environment timely to the user through SMS using GSM technology. GSM modem can be controlled by standard set of AT (Attention) commands. These commands can be used to control majority of the functions of GSM modem.


Embedded Web Server, CDMA, GSM, Modbus Protocol, Greenhouse, Internet, Networked Embedded Systems, TINI.

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