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An Efficient System for Dynamically Updating Road Maps with Features of Vehicle Tracking and Traffic Analaysis

G. Sudhir Devapalan, A. Sam Augustin Paul


We have devised a system which can be used for dynamically updating the road map as well as providing vital information about the vehicle traffic in an area. Our system uses radio transmitter similar to the ones present in the cell phones) which are embedded in all the vehicles. This sends a radio wave signal whose intensity is measured in cell phone tower antennas. The data collected is sent to a central cloud which can be used to build the map. We have devised an algorithm to find out the location of the vehicle using just the signal intensity. A minimum of three towers within range are needed to locate a vehicle. All the processing is done in the central cloud which reduces the load on the distributed system of antennas and transmitters. This system tends to be more effective and cheap in the long run. There are also various features such as vehicle tracking, traffic analysis, etc which can be extremely useful.


Road Maps, Vehicle Tracking, Traffic Analaysis

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