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Securing Android Application with Anti- Reversing Techniques

Sudipta Ghosh, Kamlesh Lahre, S.R. Tandan


In this growing market of smart phones, Android is an open source platform of Google that has become one of the most popular operating system. As a result, protecting applications running on Android becomes of interest. Currently, Reverse engineering of Android applications is much easier than on other architectures, due to the high level but simple byte code language used. Hence, the goal is to minimize and manage risks of software flaws. Anti-Reverse engineering techniques can be used to prevent reverse engineering. This paper discusses the possible code obfuscation techniques and process exploitation techniques on the android platform. Our approach aims at increasing the complexity of the control flow of the application so that it becomes tough for a reverse engineer to get the business logic performed by an android application.


Android, Anti-Reverse Engineering, Code Obfuscation, Reverse Engineering.

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