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Optimal Trajectory and Path Planning of Autonomous Mobile Robot

N. Indira, P. Muralidaran, S. Ramabalan, C. Balamurugan


In this project optimal trajectory and path planning of mobile robot, which is working in a fixed & moving obstacles area was programmed. The problem has a multi-criterion character in which three objective functions were used. The objectives are optimal trajectory planning in a moving obstacles area, minimum mechanical energy of the actuators and optimal path planning in a fixed obstacle area. Existing algorithms are not able to perform efficiently in the moving obstacles area, it`s not able to select the optimum path, if it`s able to do that means it requires more memory storage and mechanical power. Then it has minimum capability of handling multi tasking problems which is required for practical application. In order to overcome the above drawbacks all the objectives want to be optimized, for that purpose non domination solution is required. So NSGA-2 (non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm-2) is used here to solve that domination problem by calculating the Pareto set values, best non dominated optimal solution is find out by applying it to the real problem best solution is obtained.


non domination solution,a multi-criterion character

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