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Mechanical Behavior of Graphite Filled and Unfilled Carbon Epoxy Composite

K. Sudarshan Rao, Y.S. Varadarajan, N. Rajendra


Carbon/epoxy composites are emerging as promising materials in many structural and aeronautical applications. To evaluate these materials, it is important to know their mechanical properties. In the present study, Mechanical behavior of Carbon Fabric Reinforced Epoxy composite with varied weight fraction of graphite filler has been investigated. The Mechanical properties like Tensile strength and modulus, Flexural strength and modulus, Impact strengths, hardness were investigated in accordance with ASTM standards. The objective was to investigate the influence of graphite filler on Mechanical Characteristics of Carbon/Epoxy Composites. The obtained results revealed that graphite filled composites exhibited better properties than unfilled Carbon/Epoxy Composites. 6% by weight graphite filled composite shows maximum tensile strength and modulus, flexural strength and modulus, and impact strength. Morphology of the failed region were examined by using Scanning Electron Microscope.


Carbon Fabric, Flexural Strength, Graphite Filler, Hardness, Tensile Strength.

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