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Finite Element Modeling of Crack near A Bimaterial Interface to Estimate Crack Tip Parameter in K Dominant Regime

M. Logesh, R. Ravichandaran, S. Sivakumar


predictive method for remaining component lifetime evaluation consists in integrating the crack growth law of the material considered in a finite element step-by-step process. So, as part of a linear elastic fracture mechanics analysis, the determination of the stress intensity factor distribution is a crucial point. Two-dimensional, elastic–plastic finite element analyses of Edge-crack geometries with different crack length were conducted to study fracture parameters and to calculate J integral values under plane-stress conditions. Mesh refinement for the geometries were studied. Numerical implementation and mesh refinement issues to maintain path independent J-values are explored .The present work considers mode-I, linear-elastic response of cracked finite FML subjected to monotonic loading. The results obtained by these various means on cracked FML are in good agreement with those available analytical solutions. Nevertheless, since the knowledge of the field near the crack tip is not required in the energetic method, the J-integral calculations seem to be a good technique to deal with the fatigue growth of general cracks.


Crack Growth, Finite Element Method, J-Integral, Stress Intensity Factor

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