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GSM Based Atomized Toll Gate System Using Passive RFID

N. Ananth, V. Vignesh, K. Ismaiel


GSM Based Atomized Toll Gate System Using Passive Radio Frequency Identification emerges as a converging technology where time and efficiency are the matter of priority in toll collection systems of present day. In order to overcome the major issue of collision, in our project the reader is placed in a strip which is laid beneath the lane, and the tag is placed in the front side of the number plate. The object detection sensor which is placed on the side of the road detects the approach of the oncoming vehicle and intimates the stepper motor to raise the strip. Thus the reader raises to ground level and reads the information in the tag and the transaction takes place through a centralized database and the aftermath details of the transaction is intimated to the user’s mobile through GSM technology.


Radio Frequency Identification, Global System for Mobile Communication.

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