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Improved Security Intelligence in Cloud Computing

R. Sundar Raj


This analysis focuses on Cloud Computing, which is a newly emerging technology that acts as a pool area of computing resources that are virtualized. Security is a two-sided coin in the world of Cloud computing with its own pros and cons. It has some contentious issues in it, especially in the area of data confidentiality. If safety of data in cloud becomes questionable, its worst case scenario will teach us the lessons of security and the ransom cannot be claimed in any means. Thus, security plays a very vital role. To thwart the adversaries, to mitigate the vulnerabilities and to leverage the existing standards, Improved Security Intelligence is an essential factor. Cloud computing is in its infancy and has a great chance of evolution and thus defense techniques and safeguard measures should be taken into accountability. Thus, this work will focus on the Improved Security Intelligence to make Cloud computing as a most secure and trusted zone among the users in the complex field of IT, in future.


Virtual Machine

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