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Security Analysis of Multimodal Biometric Fuzzy Vault

V. S. Meenakshi, Dr. G. Padmavathi


Crypto biometric systems are authentication systems where the concept of biometric authentication is blended with cryptography. Crypto-biometric systems utilize the advantages of biometrics over traditional password based authentication. This paper uses the idea of fuzzy vault cryptographic constructs to protect crucial data like secret encryption key. Fuzzy vault is a proven emerging technology for providing biometric template security. This work constructs two independent fingerprint and iris vaults and a combined multimodal biometric vault. The proposed multimodal biometric fuzzy vault uses the features extracted from both finger print and iris for ensuring high security of the critical data and the biometric template. It is comparatively difficult for an attacker to compromise multi modal biometric fuzzy vault system than single biometric fuzzy vault systems. This work measures the security of the constructed fuzzy vault by means of min-entropy.


Biometrics, Multi Biometrics, Fuzzy Vault, Multi Biometric Fuzzy Vault, Biometric Template Security, Min-Entropy, Crypto Biometric Systems

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