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Smart Parking System Using Internet of Things (IOT)

Y. Raghavendra, Manjusree Manjusree


To find space to park in metropolitan zones, particularly in the peak hours, is very difficult for drivers. Without knowing where exactly the space is available to park vehicle it is difficult to locate space; Thousands of vehicles travels at the same time so it might cause traffic jam. So in this , we outline and trying  execute a model of SMART PARKING System (SPS) that enables to adequately find and hold the empty parking space. By installing the sensors of IOT technology, it will sense the spaces and notify the drivers by the network connected gadgets, it will notify the nearest parking space. The drivers can easily go to that location and park the vehicle. Moreover, we contemplate cutting edge stopping arrangements in shrewd stopping frameworks and think about their execution.


Internet of Things, Smart Parking, Cloud Computing, Sensor

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