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A Novel Approach Providing Image Security for a Digital Camera Incorporating Watermarking and Encryption Algorithm

V. Manikandan, V. Prabhu


Image security forms the major area of concern when dealing with copyright protection and Image authentication. The fundamental operation of a digital camera is image capturing and storing. These images stored in the digital camera are subsequently transmitted in various forms over appropriate media. They are always vulnerable to copyright protection and copyright issues. Every picture appearing in newspapers and magazines has been digitally altered to some degree. This brings about the need to secure, copyright, protect and authenticate digital media. Therefore, this paper comprising of cryptography and watermarking will enhance security and authentication of digital images. This paper deals with the incorporation of watermarking and encryption algorithms in Digital cameras for authentication and security of the images taken from the camera. Watermarking provides authentication yet provides access to the data. Encryption provides security to the image and also restricts access to the data. Hence the host image is safeguarded with two layers of protection.


Watermarking,Image Security,Digital Camera

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