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MRI Image Segmentation and Detection in Image Processing for Brain Tumor

T. Kavitha, S. Hemalatha, C. Subhashini


Biomedical Image Processing is a growing and demanding field. It comprises of many different types of imaging methods likes CT scans, X-Ray and MRI. These techniques allow us to identify even the smallest abnormalities in the human body. The primary goal of medical imaging is to extract meaningful and accurate information from these images with the least error possible. Out of the various types of medical imaging processes available to us which is the most reliable and safe. It does not involve exposing the body to any sorts of harmful radiation. This Brain image can then be processed, and the tumor can be segmented. Tumor Segmentation includes the use of several different techniques. The whole process of detecting brain tumor from an Image can be classified into four different categories: Pre Processing, Segmentation, Feature Extraction and Classification.

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