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Textual and Shape based Features with Indexing Mechanisms for Image Retrieval: A Survey

P. Sumathy, A. Vadivel


The technological advancements of Internet have increased the population of images, which demands effective retrieval mechanisms. Search engines have become indispensable tools for retrieving relevant images from WWW. Therefore it becomes necessary for retrieval systems that retrieve documents with images. In this paper, we present the comprehensive review on the state-of-the-art literature on text and shape based feature extraction methods and retrieval schemes. The literature review has brought out the research issues in both Text Based Image Retrieval and Content Based Image Retrieval schemes. These issues and problems associated with the existing TBIR and CBIR techniques has been  identified through literature review, which laid the foundation of many image retrieval techniques.


CBIR, Indexing Schemes, TBIR, Textual Keyword.

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