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A New Approach of Modified ROI-Based Lossy and Lossless Image Compression for Telemedicine Applications

O. Srinu, N.V. Apparao, K. Rasool Reddy


In present days, the utilization or transmission of medical photos is demand for numerous applications like telemedicine, tele-radiology and PACS (Picture archiving and communication systems) applications. The clinical imagining (CT or MRI) generates virtual shape of objects of a human body. So we want to reduce the storage requirement and communication bandwidth for transmission. There are numerous strategies are introduce to reduce the bandwidth of medical images with/without lack of original content. In telemedicine, it is necessary to photograph have satisfactory in diagnostic areas. In this paper, we're introduce diagnostic area based (Region of interest) compression method to achieve reversible compression in ROI with better compression rate compared to different conventional strategies. The outcomes of diagnostic area based compression methods provide good performance in terms of CR, PSNR as compared with different traditional strategies.


Medical Imaging, ROI, Non ROI, Reversible and Non-Reversible Compression, Lifting Scheme and SPIHT (Set Partition in Hierarchical Tree).

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